Simple Thai Style Chicken Rice Recipe

This dish is so delicious. It's also a comfort food. Kids will love it. It has a spicy sauce on the side. So, for kids, then you don't have to add spicy sauce. It's an ideal dish to make for the whole family during the lockdown since it's easy to make with minimal ingredients, which you can find anywhere.

Originally, this chicken rice dish is from China called Hainanese chicken rice. But you can buy this dish in Thailand everywhere in Thai style, which is more tasty. I think¬†ūüćú

The original recipe can be quite complicated and take almost 2 hours to prepare. But don't worry. Today, I will share with you the quickest way to make it in just about 30 mins. It tastes as yummy as if it it's being prepared the standard way which is about 1.5 hours at least. 

You can't really order it in a traditional Thai restaurant either since it's being classified as street food, and not authentic Thai food. But it's also because it takes such a long time to prepare. So today is your luck to try this delicious recipe out with the most easiest and fastest recipe. 

If you have a rice cooker, than it's even better since you can cook the whole dish in one go in a rice cooker. If not, don't worry. I will show you 2 different methods using both a rice cooker and a normal cooking pot to make this dish.

jasmine tea

For about 4 serving


  • 4 big chicken breasts with skin and bones
  • 1 cup jasmine rice
  • 100g ginger, thinly sliced
  • 15g galangal, thinly sliced
  • 40g garlic, minced
  • 120g shallots, diced
  • 2-3 coriander roots, cleaned (you can omit if you can't buy it anywhere during the lockdown)
  • 3 cups water


  • 4 cups of¬†chicken stock
  • 1 Chinese winter squash, peeled and cut in cubes
  • 2 tbsp light soy sauce¬†
  • 1/2 tsp white pepper
  • 1 tbsp roughly chopped cilantro
  • 1 tbsp chopped green onion


  • Tauco¬†(you can omit it if you can't buy it anywhere during the lockdown)
  • Palm sugar
  • Black soy sauce
  • Red chilies, chopped
  • Lime juice (optional)

* I don't specify the quantity of each ingredient since it's up to you how much you want to make. But generally, just use about 2 tbsp each (except the lime juice, maybe about 2 tsp) since it's for about 4 people. *

For Serving:

  • Sliced cucumber¬†
  • Coriander

Using Rice Cooker Instructions: 

  1. Add ginger, galangal, garlic, shallots, coriander roots, water, and chicken breasts, then cook everything in a rice cooker for 10 mins. 
  2. While you're waiting, you can now prepare the sauce. Just mix all of the source ingredients in a small bowl, and that's it. You can add a little bit of water, if the sauce is too thick. Put the sauce aside.
  3. After 10 mins have passed, it's time to add the rice, open the rice cooker and add jasmine rice, stir it a little bit to mix the rice with the rest of the ingredients, close the rice cooker again, press the cooking button to cook the rice. The rice cooker will then automatically cook the rice, until it's completely cooked.
  4. In the meantime, you can prepare the soup for the chicken rice. Boil the chicken stock in a small cooking pot over medium heat, when it begins to boil, add Chinese winter squash and light soy sauce. Lower the heat a little and cook the soup until the squash is finished, which takes about 10-15 mins. Then turn off the heat, remove the pot from the heat, and add coriander, green onion, and white pepper, give it a few stirs, then close the lid, ready to be served with chicken rice.
  5. After you're done with the soup, the rice should also finish cooking by now, which is a good timing. The rice takes about 10 mins more or less to cook.
  6. How to serve? Slice the chicken and place the chicken slices on top of the rice, add a little bit of sauce on top or in a small dipping bowl on the side just to be safe since it's spicy, garnish it with cucumber slices and coriander, then serve it with a small bowl of soup on the side.
  7. How to eat?¬†After each¬†mouthful, bite the cucumber, then take a spoonful of the soup to wash everything down. It's a very refreshing combination: The chicken rice with tasty sauce, the cucumber, and the soup. That's why this dish is so unique and delicious. Enjoy¬†ūüćö

Using Cooking Pot Instructions:

  1. Use big non-stick cooking pot or wok, add water and bring it to a boil over high heat, once boils lower the heat to medium heat, add ginger, galangal, garlic, shallots, coriander roots, and chicken breasts, close the lid, then cook everything for about 10 mins. 
  2. After 10 mins, add jasmine rice, stir it a little to mix the rice with the rest of the ingredients, close the lid, but not completely, just leave a little room for some air, and to let the steam out. Cook the rice over medium low heat, keep checking and stirring, to make sure the rice will be cooked evenly and to prevent it from being burnt. Continue to cook the rice until it starts boiling again, then lower the heat, and let it simmer for 5 more minutes or so, or until it's completely cooked. Now you can completely close the lid after lowering the heat to let it simmer. The whole rice cooking process should take about 10 more minutes, depending on the amount of rice you use.
  3. When everything is completely cooked, turn off the heat, remove it from the heat, and let it cool down for about 5 mins or so before serving.

Thai style chicken rice

Thai style chicken rice.

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