15 Best Fruits And Vegetables For Healthy Skin

Sometimes using the best skincare products alone isn't enough. Eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle is also vital for the health of your skin, and your overall health and wellbeing. In my daily diet, I have to have some vegetables in it. Otherwise, it's just boring. Something is missing. I just eat lots of fruits and vegetables without thinking how they will benefit my skin. It's just something I was born with and get used to it which is to eat lots of vegetables and fruits. Most of the time, I just eat fruits as snacks instead of candy, cake, and all kinds of sweets. But now, as a grownup, I begin to notice that eating various fruits and vegetables will benefit my skin, too, not just my health.

I have been eating lots of fruits and vegetables all my life, and the below are some of the most healthy vegetables and fruits that I have discovered to be very beneficial to your skin: 

1. Orange 🍊

orangeOrange is in my top list because it immediately boosts the glow of your skin by eating just one or two oranges. It also makes your hair feel smooth and soft. There are many health benefits as well in orange. It tastes good and is good for your health and skin, too. Therefore, it's must be in my top list. 

2. Blueberry


It's one of my favourite fruits, indeed. It can be used in many different desserts and breakfasts as well. It looks good, tastes good, and is good for your skin. I think most purple fruits and vegetables are just incredibly good for your skin. 

3. Dragon Fruit

dragon fruit

Like orange, just eat 1 dragon fruit and you will see your skin will instantly look radiant, firm, and has a nice complexion. It's just that it's not easy to find, and once you find it, it's quite expensive. Just 1 dragon fruit costs about £5 - £7 or more. But, it's worth it! 

4. Aubergine 🍆


I like aubergine, too. It's also very yummy for stir-fried dishes such as stir-fried aubergine with basil, fried aubergine with egg (I'm very hungry now because it's one of my favourite dishes. It's also very simple to make.). It just can be tailored to suit almost any dishes. It's also very tasty in curry dishes, especially in red and green curry 🍛

5. Salmon


I think, there's no need to say how good salmon is for your skin and health. Everybody knows it. My favourite fish. It makes me think of sushi 🍣 One of my favourite dishes.

6. Soy 🥜

soy milk

I like eating anything that's made from soybean such as soy milk, tofu. The latter is my favourite. Tofu is not only healthy. It tastes delicious, too. Both in stir-fried dishes and soups, which we use soft bean curd for soup instead. It's just so glorious!

7. Tea 🍵


It's not fruit or vegetable. But I would like to include it in the list anyway since it's also beneficial to your skin. Tea is an excellent drink for your skin, especially green tea, black tea, for instance. Why do you think many Japanese, Korean, and Chinese women have nice skin? Because, drinking tea is part of their lives. The same with eating soya bean and drinking soy milk. Drinking tea is like some kind of ceremony for me, and I like to buy quality tea that tastes and smells good. Sometimes, I like going to tea shops, just to find the best tea I like. 

8. Pepper 🌶️

yellow pepper

Yellow and red pepper are one of the main ingredients in many Asian stir-fried dishes. So, I get to eat them automatically. It should be stir-fried quickly. So it doesn't lose its freshness. That's when it tastes good. 

9. Tomatoes 🍅


Tomatoes is a well-known fruit/vegetable that could help cure many illnesses and skin conditions, including fine lines and wrinkles 🍝

10. Avocado 🥑


I like to have avocado on my toasts. Then sprinkle some salt & pepper on top of it. It's just a yummy & simple breakfast that also benefits your skin and hair. Now, it makes me think of pork, bean, and rice burritos 🌯

11. Broccoli 🥦


Broccoli is a super vegetable that contains many health benefits. I like it in stir-fried dishes as well, for example in oyster sauce and maybe with tofu as well, and stir-fry it quickly, so that it's still crisp and fresh. A simple dish that tastes fantastic

12. Yogurt


Yoghurt is super delicious and good for your skin. Think about many Eastern European women, have you noticed their skins? They have like glass skins, which could be because of yogurt? This isn't fruit or vegetable. But, it's as important for your skin as fruits and vegetables. So, why not?

13. Dark Chocolate 🍫

dark chocolate

It's not fruit or vegetable. But, it should be in the list anyway. Delicious, good for your skin & soul. Eating dark chocolate regularly could transform your skin, at the same time it also helps uplift your mood, makes you feel good. Like music 🎸

14. Lemon 🍋

fruits and vegetables

Lemon and lime are part of Asian dishes. We use them both to garnish the dishes and for the cooking as well. They just take the food to the next level, making it more delicate. The health benefits of them are many. Incorporate either of them in your daily meal, and you will see a significant improvement in your health and skin.

15. Water 


The key to one of the best cures in the world is hidden in plain sight which is water! Many just overlook it since it has no taste, scent, and colour. It's good for your skin and general health. Drinking plenty of water during the day will help keep your skin hydrated, nourished, and supple. Well, this is not fruit or vegetable. But I think, it's vital that it's being included in the list as well.

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