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Bergamot & Lavender Fragrance

I blend my own scents for my candles and reed diffusers using only natural fragrances made from pure essential oils. I don't use synthetic perfumes and things like that. Each blend of aroma I formulate has a top note, middle note, and base note. I try and test each scent until I am happy with it. Then I use it in my candles and reed diffusers. The fragrances I create also have health benefits that are good for your mind & soul as well - not just making your home smell nice. All ingredients are sourced from trusted suppliers in UK. The same with my jewellery, which the majority of them are from UK. Some of them I make them myself such as Gold Filled Puffed...

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The Launch of Our Fragrance Candles

Exciting news! We are going to launch our new products very soon which are fragrance candles and reed diffusers. We could be launching them next week. We have just received our candle making stuff. So we are going to make some tests first, to create the blends of lovely scents just in time for Valentine's Day.  We love all things pretty. So jewellery and scented candles are just some of the things we love. Our fragrance candles and reed diffusers will be handmade in our studio in London, using natural ingredients such as soy wax, essential oils. So our fragrance candles and reed diffusers will be all organic, which is good for yourself, your wellbeing, and your home, including the environment. We...

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Travel Candles

Soon, our new product "travel candles" will be available for purchase as well. We are just testing it now. Travel candles let you adore your favourite scents wherever you are. Our travel candles come in different perfumes as well and each tin contains 50g of candle, which is ideal to carry it with you wherever you go. We are performing an experiment on a variety of bouquets at the minute, including Christmas aromas since Christmas is just right around the corner. We are so in love with all the fragrances we have explored so far. Wintertime/Christmas time is the cosiest time of year, and candles seem to be the perfect addition to your home decoration for, especially, this time of year. They just make your home feel...

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