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We want to assure you that we stand by you in a time like this. Therefore we have decided to give 20% off to everyone - no minimum orders needed. Just use code GET20 at checkout for 20% off your entire order. There's more, FREE UK & INTERNATIONAL standard delivery to home on all orders. No minimum orders as well. We want everyone to experience the joy of online shopping as much as possible while staying indoor, which nobody knows how long the lockdown is going to last. So by offering 20% off and free shipping, we hope that at least there is something we can contribute to our existing and new customers. 

coloured cz stone rings silver

Everyone is being affected by this life-threatening disease Covid-19. The pandemic has an impact on everybody. Although you are not sick, but your lifestyle is very limited for the time being in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus as much as we can. We are in it together, and we will get through it together as well. We believe that whenever there is a problem, there will always be a solution to it. There is light at the end of the tunnel waiting for us, to get out of this dangerous coronavirus outbreak. We know that scientists around the world are working around the clock to find the cure for the coronavirus. So hopefully, we will soon hear the good news.

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For now, please stay at home and take good care of yourself. Do go out only if it is really important. Shop online instead if you can. Use our discount code to get 20% off your first purchase when you shop online with us, and we will send out your order to your home with FREE shipping as well - no minimum orders. Offer ends April 30 at midnight. Hopefully, the lockdown will be over by then. Then everyone can come out and enjoy the good weather of Spring. 

cz diamond rings silver

We will still continue to operate as long as it is possible and safe to do so. The post office near us has just closed because of the coronavirus. But we have found a new post office that is also not so far from us. So we can still continue to send you packages. But please do expect possible delays during this challenging time. We want the items to reach our customer as soon as possible. But we have no control over the potential delays of the shipments by the carriers. We would therefore like to ask you to be patient. Your parcel will get to you, at long last. We also can imagine how busy it is at the moment with the parcels that need to go out to people at the shipping carriers around the world, not just in UK, especially with food. It's just a very tough time for everybody around the globe.

sterling silver rings

As a way to cheer you up during this turbulent time, we have some beautiful, coloured cz stone rings in sterling silver for you to shop and wear for the Spring & the upcoming Summer - or just all year round. We only provide highest quality sterling silver rings from trusted suppliers in London. We try and test each ring before adding it to our website, to ensure its quality. We want our customers to get the best quality products from us as much as possible.

organic candle

The same with the rest of the products we have on our site. We also have initial necklaces and anklets, for instance - available in 9ct solid yellow gold & sterling silver of highest quality. We also have natural fragrance candles which we only use natural ingredients such as 100% soy wax, pure essential oils since we do make our natural fragrance candles ourselves in our studios in London. We just love all things nature. So, using only organic ingredients seem to be the best thing to do. Not just because we love it, but also for the sake of your health & well-being. It just feels wonderful knowing that the products you use are made of 100% natural ingredients that will benefit both you and the environment. Isn't it?

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