Natural Fragrance Candles

I only use natural ingredients for the making of my scented candles, for example 100% essential oils, soy waxes. I blend my fragrance oils for candles myself, to create the unique aromas that you may not find elsewhere, and to make the best scented candles UK. I use premium quality essential oils and soy waxes, to create the perfect blends of candle perfumes. I make and hand-pour each candle myself with total care & love for nature. Scented candles that fill your home with wonderful bouquets of flowers, herbs, and the like. Since they contain natural fragrances, therefore they naturally help boost your mood, energy, reduce stress, positively affect your mind & soul, improve your emotional well-being, and so much more. More lovely scents will be added soon when the lockdown is over. Stay Tuned!

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