Influencer Tips

Here Are Some Tips to Get You Started & To Maximise Your Chances of Earning

  1. Add your unique link to your Instagram bio and, ideally, include Sparkly Dolls Brand Ambassador and tag us as well @SparklyDollsLondon, Facebook page (s) - both personal and professional if you have one, Twitter profile in your mini bio & create a Twitter tweet with your link and pin it to the top, post and talk regularly about our products, etc. 
  2. Share your link with family, friends, followers on Instagram (stories, reel), Facebook, Twitter, and everywhere possible.
  3. Make YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter videos about it and share, asking family, friends, followers to like and share as well. Don't forget to include your link in every video you make, so people who like the products you promote can easily buy it by using your link.
  4. If you're also a blogger, write blog about your promotion regularly to update your readers about your ongoing promotion.
  5. Create Sparkly Dolls jewellery haul / unboxing / review / favourite videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and similar. It's the best way to gain trust & credibility from your followers / audiences to use your link. Talk about our shipping, which we offer FREE UK Secured & Tracked Shipping for orders £80+ / International £100+, product quality & design, packaging, online shopping experience, your favourite items and prices. Showing some of our jewellery / skincare products in your videos will make your videos more interesting and make people want to go buy the products using your link. Your videos are your essential tools that will do all the work for you, afterwards. 

We hope this will help you get started and gain some knowledge how to best promote our products and your link.

Happy promoting!

Sparkly Dolls

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